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Welcome to the Directory of Directory of Journals indexing (DOJI) is an impartial and a community-curated online directory. DOJI maintained 24 directories indexing with respect to their discipline. DOJI facilitates readers to increase the visibility, popularity and reputation of scientific journals thereby promoting their increased usage in all discipline areas including proceedings and journals and planned to maintain their citation. Also, we provide impact factor based on the journal citations. We strongly believe that journals indexed by us will be populated and benefited in the global-renowned international research community. DOJI operates an education and outreach program across the globe, focussing on improving the quality of applications submitted.

Our indexed journals will be submitted to all social networks and world's top most indexing and they will be displayed on world's top electronic library. In short, all journals will reach all continents.
  • Increase your scholarly e-journal content visibility through DOJI.
  • Increase knowledge of the value of high-quality indexing.
  • Support index standards for indexers, editors, and abstractors.
  • Collaborate with other professional organizations in information science.
  • Reach new publishers, subscribers, and researchers.
  • Expand the approachability of your website through links in the DOJI bibliographic record.
  • Increase visibility to an international audience.
Scope of DOJI:
  • All scientific and scholarly disciplines by 24 directory indexing
  • DOJI supports a vast array of multidiscipline
Limitations to become a member in DOJI:
  • Journal must completed at-least 6 months
  • Journals must have atleast one year of continuous publication
  • Journals should maintain an editorial team
  • It is a clear statement of intent about your commitment to quality, peer-reviewed open access.
  • Your contribution directly enables DOJI to develop and improve so it consistently meets the demands of the open access community.
  • Selected journals are indexed with us under pre-review by expert committee.
Information for publishers
How to become a Publisher Member
Welcome to DOJI, this is a membership organisation for individuals, institutions, libraries, professionals, scholarly journals, researchers etc. We encourage the voluntaries worldwide to become a member of DOJI on an annual basis by contractually agreeing to contribute intellectual contents. We propose you to become a publisher member.
For Publisher Member
You may become a Publisher Member by making a contribution with us by indexing by an annual payment to enabling DOAJ to continue to develop into an even better service.
Publishing charges/year:      100$ per year
Being a Publisher Member does not guarantee that your journals will be included in the DOJI. All applications are treated equally from both members and non-members.
Once you submit your application
Upon submission you will receive confirmation email with reference letter. This reference letter is useful for future tracking the status of the applications. Need any clarification, please contact us.
Each journal application may be assessed by editorial members of our expert team:
  1. Triage. Duplicate applications will be automatically rejected. Applications for journals where malware or spyware is detected will be automatically rejected. Applications that have no ISSN(s) or fake ISSN(s), or that contain ISSN(s) not registered at will be automatically rejected. Titles that differ from what is registered at will be changed to match It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that hold the most current and up-to-date version of your information. We will not notify you if your application has been rejected for any of these.
  2. Managing Editor: will review the application and assign it to an Editor Group. Post review, the Managing Editor will make the final decision on whether to accept or reject your application. A Managing Editor may decide to reject an application without further review, especially if the application that you have submitted is incomplete. You will be notified.
  3. Editor: will assign the application to a managing Editor. Post review, the Editor will double check the Managing Editor's recommendations.
  4. Managing Editor: will carry out the review of your application and will email you to ask questions, if necessary. The Managing Editor will make a 'reject' or 'accept' recommendation.
DO NOT submit your application more than once. Duplicate applications are automatically rejected without notification.
Journal indexing benefits
Increase your e-journal content usage through the power of DOJI.
  • Indexed volunteers gain access to the most recent literature, even if it has not yet been indexed by other sources.
  • Index gives systematic and effective shortcut to get the information they need.
  • Keeps users on top of their areas of interest with a single place to manage Journal Alerts and Search Alerts.
We strive to maintain current information on all of our journals. This is to help professors, graduate students, and researchers publish their manuscripts in academic journals.
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